Research support, target training and education

Research support.

Performance in Cold has its roots in JVTC and is now providing management in various research projects, e.g. in ePilot119 – eMaintenance, and in EU-projects such as AUTOMAIN, SAFT Inspect and SUSTRAIL. We also act as co-supervisors in ongoing research projects and assist in the preparation of new research projects and funding applications.
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Target training and education.

We provide training and education in the areas of winter ability and winter ergonomics, operation and maintenance engineering, and railway technology. Our customers for this service are Luleå University of Technology, Lernia, and Centek.

An example of what can be included in target training and education for railway engineering and operation and maintenance is presented below.

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Target training and education for railway engineering and O&M

Maintenance definitions and standards

  • What is operation?
  • What is maintenance?
  • A general review of the nomenclature.

Maintenance tools and strategies

  • Maintenance strategies used today, along with a few simple rules of thumb that describe maintenance effectiveness.
  • LCC and RAMS
  • eMaintenance

General railway technology

  • Substructure’s function and structure
  • Track facility operations, such as rails, sleepers and fasteners
  • Ballast forces in the track, such as neutralization and track mode
  • Wear on the tracks
  • Civil engineering, e.g. tunnels, bridges
  • Signaling systems, e.g. track circuits, ATC, ERTMS/ETCS
  • Electrical power supply system, e.g. catenary system, BT and AT systems
  • Telecommunication systems, e.g. detectors

Railway network development, capacity

  • Rail network construction: single track, double track, marshalling yards, meeting stations
  • Main lines, provincial railways
  • Development of timetables
  • Capacity allocation / withdrawal
  • Safety